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12/20/17 - Page added for Trio for Flute, Alto Saxophone, and Piano

7/30/17 - Page added for Chatzi Kaddish

5/16/17 - Page added for Oseh Shalom.

2/21/17 - Pages added for Fugue for Fascists and Al Rosh Simchati.

12/30/16 - Page added for Toccata Veronese

10/14/16 - a video of Higid L’cha is now up on YouTube

9/26/16 - a video of Riverwalk is now up on YouTube

4/26/16 - Page added for Higid L’cha

3/20/16 - Page added for Adonai Roi

2/11/16 - Jiggery Pokery and Saxophone Quartet No. 3 are now available at AMAZON.COM

10/30/15 - Page added for Ein Kitzvah

9/8/15 - The American Conference of Cantors (ACC) has released Shirei Mishkan HaNefesh, an anthology of new music for the High Holy Days, including Steve’s Shalom Rav/B’sefer Chayim.

7/1/15 - Page added for Jiggery Pokery

6/29/15 - Page added for Fiesta for Orchestra

5/9/15 - Page added for Mi Shebeirach

4/22/15 - Steve’s Jewish music is now available at

4/4/15 - Page added for Avinu Shebashamayim

3/30/15 - Page added for Shalom Rav/B’sefer Chayim.

11/26/14 - Yet another rave review for A Klezmer Nutcracker!

9/24/14 - Added pages for V’shamru, L’cha Dodi, Yih’yu L’ratzon, and Summer Rains.

6/21/14 - Added pages for Bar’chu and Sh’ma Yisrael/Baruch Sheim.

6/18/14 - L’chu N’ran’nah has been accepted by Transcontinental Music Publications, and should be released in Fall of 2014.

4/3/14 - A video of Mi Chamocha is now up on YouTube.

2/24/14 - Sheet Music for L’ma-an Tziyon and Netzach Yisrael is now available from the Zamir Choral Foundation. The pages for those piece now include links to purchase sheet music.

9/22/13 - A video of Netzach Yisrael is now up on YouTube

6/17/13 - Steve is currently orchestratring the new Musical JULIAN PO for the New York Musical Theater Festival.

1/1/13 - Added audio clips to page for Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano (2012)

12/29/12 - A video of Baruch Habah is now up on YouTube

12/29/12 - Adonai Malach (Psalm 97) and Yism’chu are now available through Transcontinental/URJ Press.

8/8/12 - L’dor Vador and Sim Shalom are now available through Transcontinental/URJ Press.

5/9/12 - A video of L’ma-an Tziyon is now up on YouTube.

3/4/12 - A video of L’chu N’ran’nah (Psalm 95) is now up on YouTube.

1/25/12 - A Klezmer Nutcracker is now available for rental. Please contact ROBERT WENDEL MUSIC for details.

12/22/11 - Rave review for “A Klezmer Nutcracker” (New York Pops @ Carnegie Hall)



Hi, I’m Steve Cohen, composer, arranger, orchestrator, copyist, pianist, singer, long-distance road cyclist, and short-order cook. Welcome to my website!

This site exists to introduce you to my music, both my own and music of others I’ve arranged or orchestrated. There’s a blog, a calendar of upcoming and past events,  a page of links to my friends, colleagues and resources, a list of my recordings, and lists of my compositions in all genres, with sample score pages and audio/video clips where available.

Thank you for visiting. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback you may have.

All the best,


Some navigation tips

I’ve included all of my pieces in the site — both as arranger and composer. It’s overwhelming and gratifying for me to see all of my work in one place. For you, though,  it might just be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve categorized everything according to the type of ensemble/soloist for whom its arranged. If you’re looking for my original sacred choral music, for example, just click “Composer” then “Choral, Sacred.” We’ve also included, however, a handy search feature on the bottom left, there. If you know you just want to see my work for soprano saxophone, just type in “soprano sax” and see what comes up. Or for a specific language or text. 

I’m sure we’ll be working out some of the kinks in the coming weeks and months, so please let me know if you have any other thoughts. Ultimately, this site is for you to find what you need, and I want to be sure we facilitate that as easily as possible. 

Thanks again!